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Bay Area immigration attorney Ginny Harjot Walia assists clients with all immigration issues, including adjustment of status, appeals, asylum/refugee, citizenship/naturalization, deportation defense, family petitions, remedies for immigrant youth,U-visas, and Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants come to the United States every year attempting to establish a prosperous life on American soil. They meet the challenge of living in a country with free enterprise, democracy, and freedom for all. The old American saying, “A man who represents himself has a fool for a lawyer and a fool for a client.” This saying applies to immigration law, just like any other area of law. US immigration law is one of the most politically divisive areas of the legal system. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is incredibly complex and constantly changing.

At Ginny Walia Law Offices, we understand that immigration law is always changing, and that each client requires personalized legal service. We help individuals and families, making the immigration process as simple as possible.

Immigration law is federal and applies equally to all states. US immigration law establishes who is an alien, resident, or citizen of the United States of America. Immigration law defines an immigrant as an individual who is permitted to reside permanently in the United States. An individual can become a citizen of the United States through having been born in the United States or through naturalization. Individuals seeking permanent residency in the United States must apply for permanent or temporary residency.


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Ginny Harjot Walia will give you an honest and thorough assessment of your case and explain the options available to you based not only on current law, but also on changes in the legislative and judicial pipeline at any given time. Bay Area attorneys at Ginny Walia Law Offices can work with you to prepare your case and represent you in front of the administrative agency handling your petition. The attorney should be able to explain to the government agency why your case meets the requirements of the law and, if problems arise, the lawyer often has additional resources available to help resolve the issue or can prepare your case for an appeal. Ginny Harjot Walia is an experienced Bay Area immigration attorney. Call Ginny Walia Law Offices now for a consultation to discuss your immigration matter.

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Looking for a Bay Area attorney for deportation defense?


Ginny Harjot Walia has handled numerous criminal cases in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, both federal and state. Her expertise on criminal law makes her a savvy deportation defense attorney who knows exactly how to avoid deportation for her clients.

She has achieved a very high level of success in a relatively short period of time. The firm has reached great heights due to her brilliant mind, competitive attitude, and willingness to fight for her clients.
Ginny Harjot Walia has commented as an expert legal analyst and a forensics expert in well-publicized, high-profile criminal cases on national television. Specifically, she was asked for her expert legal advice on the DNA evidence that was a part of the Scott Peterson case.

The leading Bay Area legal newspaper “The Recorder” recognized Ginny Harjot Walia as a young, successful criminal defense attorney who has made her way to the top. Shehas also been featured in “The New York Law Journal.”


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Ginny Harjot Walia holds a B.S. in Psychology from UC Davis.As an undergraduate, Ms. Walia tutored fellow undergraduates in Calculus and Genetics for several years at the UC Davis Learning Skills Center.

She next earned her J.D. from the Honors Lawyering Program at Golden Gate University School of Law. Ms. Walia’s competitive attitude enabled her to graduate law school with honors in just two years, earning the top score in four classes. She also managed Golden Gate University’s national mock trial team.

Ginny Harjot Walia started her career at the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office. She later founded her own law firm to focus on criminal and immigration law.